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I wonder how these capsules would be controlled so they give the right amount 
of insulin? It would seem that a person would end up in insulin shock, but 
eating more sugar is always an easy thing to do to fix that.

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  Hi Maria,
  I thought you might find this article interesting:
  Diabetics get kelp to dump the needle
  The Sydney Morning Herald. 
  Janice Stewart is injected with the insulin containing seaweed extract.
  Picture: Peter Rae
  By Ben Cubby
  February 21, 2006

  A NEW treatment for type 1 diabetes using a brown seaweed extract may 
ultimately mean an end to daily injections for many of the 130,000 Australians 
  live with the disease.

  During the first clinical trial yesterday, doctors at Sydney's Prince of 
Wales Hospital injected Janice Stewart with insulin-producing cells encased in
  microscopic, perforated capsules of seaweed extract.

  If the trial goes as expected, many patients might have to take only one or 
two injections in a lifetime, instead of several a day.

  The insulin-producing cells sit in a patient's abdomen, releasing insulin but 
guarded from the body's immune system by the seaweed shell. Tiny holes in
  the seaweed allow insulin to enter the patient's bloodstream, and let in 
nutrients to feed the cells, but are small enough to keep out antibodies.

  The catch is that the insulin- producing cells must be gathered from the 
pancreas of a non-diabetic organ donor who died very recently.

  They must then be placed inside the seaweed microcapsules, which are only 
about three-thousandths of a millimetre in diameter, a process likened to 
  in soap bubbles" by University of NSW researcher Professor Bernie Tuch, who 
is leading the hospital research team.

  "Even if we are able to get numbers of people like Janice off insulin, the 
supply problem is enormous," Professor Tuch said.

  "Last year, for example, there were 204 people who died and donated their 
organs. There are 130,000 people like Janice in this country."

  A shortage of donors means the new treatment, if successful, would be used to 
supplement existing treatments, which require regular injections of anti-
  rejection drugs.

  Ms Stewart, 51, said she felt "fantastic" after being injected with the 
seaweed microcapsules yesterday. She developed the disease 40 years ago, and has
  been taking four insulin injections a day.

  "If it works I think it's the best thing that's happened for diabetes since 
the discovery of insulin," said Ms Stewart, who is a nurse at the hospital and
  is one of six diabetics in the trial.

  "At the minimum it will mean less insulin (injections) for me. Hopefully for 
the kids of today who are developing diabetes at the age I did they may not
  have a whole lifetime of it."

  The NSW chief executive of Diabetes Australia, Liz Peers, said the 
organisation supported the trials and looked forward to the results.

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    Subject: [bct] Re: My thanksgiving

    Jake, I know what you mean, buddy.  I'm a diabetic, so I have to be a bit 
careful, but I love mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, ham, cranberry 
sauce, and most desserts; in short, pretty much everything to do with Thanks 
giving cuisine.  


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      Subject: [bct] Re: My thanksgiving

      Hi Maria. I don't know why, but sweet potatoes don't agree with me. I 
have had sweet potato pie a few times and really like it, but I guess sweet 
potatoes just arent sweet enough for me or something. I always go for the 
mashed potatoes and gravy instead, tons of that wonderful gravy! My Aunt Elaine 
insisted on making the mashed potatoes this year. I honestly don't know what 
she does to them, but they come out so yummy good! Maybe it's that butter. I 
love pumpkin pie too.

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        Subject: [bct] Re: My thanksgiving

        Hi Sabrina,
          Please, please, please!!! could you send me the recipe for sweet 
potato casserole?  I simply love sweet potatoes and all of the fruit you 
mentioned.  Yum! yum! yum.  


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          From: Sabrina Markel 
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          Subject: [bct] Re: My thanksgiving

          My dad usually gets him a big plate with everything then after that 
he'll hit the desserts and try a little of everything.
          Have any of you tried sweet potato casserole?  Man that's one of my 
favorites!  It's mashed sweet potatoes with pineapple, pecans/    walnuts, 
coconut and I think it has raisins in it too but that's one dish I always look 
forward to because it's not just for the holidays, it's every time we have a 
big dinner at my aunt's house.
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            From: Jake Joehl 
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            Subject: [bct] Re: My thanksgiving

            Hi Sabrina. Sounds yummy! My parents had a bunch of family over, 
plus some friends from church. We had turkey of course with all the trimmings. 
My Aunt Rita made the dressing, and it had Italian sausage in it. There was 
also a very good corn pudding that someone brought, and my mom made beets with 
a horseradish sauce. My grandma made her famous rolls, which are always 
practically before everyone gets one. There were so many desserts, it was hard 
to choose even a couple. Too many to name on list, but they were all excellent.
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              From: Sabrina Markel 
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              Subject: [bct] My thanksgiving

              Hi all,
              My parents and I decided to stay home and cook our dinner.  
Actually, mom cooked it while dad worked outside.
              We had:  Ham, mashed potatoes, greenbeans, mustard greens, 
Macaroni and cheese, yellow rice, rolls and 3 different kinds of pie:  Million 
dollar pie, sweet potato pie and pecan pie.
              I ate dinner earlier when it was done and I just finished another 
plate a few minutes ago smiles.


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