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  • From: Slythy_Tove <mcg907@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 15:41:26 -0800 (PST)

I'm also a type II diabetic, Maria.  I follow the Bernstein method and 
recommend it highly, although at present my BG is out of sync due to a 
medication failure which should be corrected soon when I see the endo.  I have 
a long history of hypoglycemia and knew someday it would come to this, so I was 
dissapointed, but not surprised when my body finally got resistant to my own 

Bernstein's method can be draconian for a lot of folks - sometimes I chaff at 
it too.  In the old days, before artificial insulin, the only treatment for 
type I or II was exercise and diet.  Bernstein (who to my mind is THE leading 
diabetologist in America today) agrees regarding diet and exercise being 
absolutely key for control.  He is a 72 year old type I diabetic in virtually 
perfect health because of his program.  
In fact, I tried something different not long ago, but gave it up and went back 
to the Bernstein method and have been wrestling my BG down from my foray into 
non-Bernstein eating.  Note - Dan is not a strict adherent of Bernsteins and we 
don't hassle each other about it - I envy his ability to be less hard nosed 
about his eating habits than I have to be. 

The Chinese herbs Dan refers to should not be taken without consulting a 
Chinese herbalist. Our acupuncturist is also a nurse practitioner and a 
licensed Chinese herbalist and evaluated us for them.  If you take it without 
finding if they'd work for you it would not be a good thing.  They still work 
for Dan but always gave me a bit of gasterointestinal upset and recently seem 
to have lost their effectiveness for me (drats).  However, ALA (alpha lipoic 
acid) in the 300 mg time release form does help me a great deal.  None of this 
stuff is cheap, of course - seems supplements never are. And they only help in 
terms of supplementing dietary control and exercise.

A new thing we are using is hoodia - which I heard about from Bernstein.  If 
anyone else had recommended an appetite control herb I'd have poo-pooed it, but 
Bernstein is like god to me in terms of diabetes so I orderd some and it seems 
to work as advertised in terms of controlling hunger.  The average user slashes 
about 1,000 calories a day from their eating unless they are simply compulsive 
overeaters who can't not eat.  If you want the link to the site where I ordered 
it I'll send it to you - like everything else, it seems awfully expensive to 
me, but I have very positive results in hunger reduction - which used to plague 
me at night.

My friend the acupuncturist and I have gone in together to get the 5 CD set of 
Bernstein's that gives all the data his patients give at the clinic in Rome, 
NY.  I'll give her the books since I already have them and we can flip a coin 
for the pedometer and take turns with the CDs.  Again, not cheap ($167 
including shipping) but he has answers no one else seems to have.  It is not 
easy to do, but the results are remarkable.  Lower lipids, stable blood sugars, 
weight loss, no neurological problems, reversal of early kidney problems, etc.  
However, it is a program that requires a lot of disciple and blood testing.  

The diabetes in control newsletter (which is for medical professionals) is very 
informative.  You can subscribe using this page if you like (it is a wretched 
site for the blind) http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/subscribe.shtml  

I like Dana Carpenter's low carb recipes (mostly) and highly recommend most of 
them - although she sometimes gets carried away with carbs for Bernstein folk.  
Dan has a hard time doing low carb cooking - I'm not quite sure why, but I 
believe him when he tells me that.  So he does moderate carb cooking and I deal 
with the low carb stuff.  

I'm fortunate that I don't care for bread or grain products that much and they 
are the deadliest for most diabetics, including me.  I'm better off eating 
sugar than any sort of grain product - sad to say. 

Have recipies for very low carb foods, will trade.


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