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You are right  Neal.  I often setup Dell computers for clients and I have to
spend half a day just removing all the trialware and free software that Dell
get paid by software developers to put on their systems.  I have had good
luck with Dell desktop systems and have even gotten to be pretty good at
getting what I need from their tech support.  I have learned that I'm more
likely to get knowledgeable help if I call during normal business hours and
I avoid nights and weekends when possible.  

I have also found their laptops to be less reliable than their desktops.  


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Well, I do agree that the educational machines work better.  In addition,
you don't have to get all the crap that Dell puts on consumer computers.


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Hey all. I've gotta jump in here too. I've had my Dell computer now for 
about a year and a half and it works like a charm. My father somehow got a 
Dell technician to deliver a new keyboard for his computer. I think my 
father did this all online though, but I don't know the web address where he

went. I do, however, have a tech support nightmare that happened to my 
roommate. This actually had a happy ending though. For quite some time my 
roommate's computer wouldn't boot up properly. As a matter of fact when he 
turned it on it kept revving like a car. But it did this over and over 
again, and sometimes it would shut itself off in between revving cycles. One

morning when I was checking my email and my roommate was elsewhere in the 
apartment, I called him because I heard what sounded like a big bang that 
might've come from the construction outside. So he came in and discovered it

was his computer. So he called Dell that morning and was put on hold for a 
few minutes. When a rep finally answered, my roommate described his problem 
and the rep transferred him to someone else, who I later found out from my 
roommate was a non-English speaker. My roommate is legally blind with only a

little bit of sight, and this person kept telling him to look in the back of

his computer at all these different wires. Despite his repeated attempts at 
getting them to send someone out, they wouldn't do it. So my roommate 
finally got a phone number from this non-English speaking representative, 
and my roommate called that number. He basically got the runaround there

too, and what's more the certificate number he was given appeared to be 
incorrect or non-existent. Finally at about 8:30 PM our time, we received a 
call letting us know that someone would be sent out here. So within a few 
days that person came with a new motherboard, and my roommate's computer now

works like new. But it took a whole day before the problem was even close to

being solved.
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> I'm sorry but I just had to join the Dell party. All of your stories
> are nothing. Nothing at all. about 2 years ago I had to make 72 
> different phone calls over a 2 month period to Dell technicians. I 
> then ended up with 4 different complete unit replacements ranging from

> Windows 2000 to Windows XP
> pro OS , all of which didn't work at all even though I was promised
> were 100% certified. It wasn't until I was transferred on different 
> occasions to 3 different so called lead technicians that I got P/O and 
> contacted my local FOXX affiliate to do one of those consumer watch
> of
> reports. I figure it wouldn't help anyone if I was the only one who
> repeatedly caught in the endless web of incompetent DELL technicians,
so I
> thought I would try to inform and help upto 12 million people in
> California about Dell's complete lack of customer satisfaction--and
> peace of mind. Within a day of FOXX contacting DELL corporate, someone
> stated she was calling from Michael Dell's office contacted me and
> me they would fix my computer problems within 2 days. Of course her
> motivation was what I was going to say on the TV news broadcast, so
> went
> as far as to ask me what I was going to say. I told her "the truth."
> sent over another computer and this one didn't work either even though 
> corporate knew what I was doing with FOXX. When it was all said and
done I
> had a new DELL computer with a DVD burner within 2 days--I'm still
> that same computer to this day trouble free.
> Thanks,
> J Garcia
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>> Yeah, this combined with a problem we had with another Dell laptop
>> has convinced me to stay away from them for a while.
>> >>> maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tuesday, March 07, 2006 1:47:57 PM >>>
>> Larry, I enjoyed your podcast of your walk to work this week, but am
>> really sorry about your dell experiences. I even wrote a note to my 
>> friend who may be upgrading her machine soon--she has an old Dell 
>> with Windows 98 on it, and she thought Dell was the best, but, alas, 
>> judging from other people's experiences, not to mention your terrible

>> ones, I warnred her not to think of purchasing from a company that
>> sends out such faulty equipment to customers or vendors.
>> Mary Emerson
>> E-mail: maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Skype name: mkemerson
>> Podcast web site: http://www.emerson.libsyn.com
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