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Love this message below. Living in LA it seems as though the Spanish
speaking people I come across on a daily basis have "0" desire to assimilate
or even bother speaking English. Being Hispanic they seem me as a phony sell
out and whole heartedly believe I too should speak their crude language and
I imagine this goes for saying creud things about women walking by going
about their daily business. One thing new arrivals seem to hate is a
successful Latino. to them this means selling out to the white man, and they
would rather live in freakin complete poverty than to feel as though a white
person is telling them what to do. Yet they still would rather mow my lawn
and clean my house rather than to forgo their crewed social beliefs and make
an effort to educate themselves and improve their lives. Then again our
society is not helping much in terms of helping them to assimilate. In case
many of you don't know, many banks are giving illegal aliens home loans.
Illegal aliens probably make many times more than most on these lists since
they work under the table and receive welfare for their children at the same
time. They also qualify for section 8 housing, which means American citizens
are competing with illegal aliens for the same shortage of housing. Our
moronic president is wanting to pass this guest worker program, but all this
is is slow motion amnesty because when it is all said and done, and after
the illegal alien applies twice for this guest worker program, they will
become citizens. This may not mean much now, but imagine having to compete
with 20 million former illegal aliens for jobs. Imagine the herd of new
illegals the simple mention of amnesty will create. Our children will have
to compete with their children for jobs, and this is not fair for all us
lifelong tax payers who undoubtedly will essentially be subsidizing another
country's people to take their jobs in return. Before the huge influx of
illegals here in Los Angeles, the construction jobs were done by many of my
friends and family members. They now can't get any work in construction
because a contractor would rather pay 9 dollars to an illegal alien working
with a fraudulent social security number than hiring my friends and family
members and have to pay them the $17 they once paid. Though this talk of
amnesty for millions of illegals may sound noble, it will cost an immense
amount of money and dissatisfaction for Americans as they will have to bare
the brunt of that moron in the white house's decision. Guess who will have
to pay for the additional police and fire departments? Guess who will have
to pay for the additional hospitals? guess who will have to pay for the
additional elementary and high schools that will have to be built? Guess who
will pay for all the other accommodations? I too love diversity but as long
as people make a freakin effort to assimilate while hanging on to their
heritage and not throwing it in our faces will workout for the whole rather
than just the poorest of Mexico. When Regan did this in the 80s there was a
70% fraud rate and guess who bore the brunt of that cost? Right now its just
southern states but in time it will be all of you in the Midwest and east
having to learn Spanish to tell your neighbor not to park his 5 Chevy
gardening trucks in front of your yard. I wish I could find the balance for

J Garcia
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> Before she died, my Swedish grandmother observed that she thought people
> today were in some ways more racist than they had been when she first came
> to America. She blamed it on immigrants, but not on Americans.
> She came to America in 1910 being the oldest of sixteen children because
> wanted to get away from the farm. At age 19, her first year here, she
> in a boarding-house, got her citizenship and an american high school
> equivalency.  Though she always had an accent, she took great pains to
> clearly and her spelling and written english was flawless.
> She used to say "before the damn airplanes, you came to America and
> it. You cherished the old country, but this now was your country and you
> learned how to be American and were proud to be one."
> I've read sociologists who said the same thing as Grandma -- that people
> less interested in becoming american because they see their stay here as
> only temporary; home is still their mother country.
> Grandma said that as long as foreigners refused to learn english well they
> would perpretrate racism, and they would only have themselves to blame.
> also said that  people never treated her with prejudice because  she
> her weight. She was very feisty up in to her eighties and loved fishing
> driving fast.
> I remember shopping with her and she'd harass people in her funny
> english about their inability to speak this beautiful language. She ran a
> boarding-house herself on the docs once and was apparently a real tyrant;
> only english was to be spoken at the dinner table.
> She loved her country and taught me a lot of swedish when I was a child.
> Last week, while I was unwinding an old-fashioned skein of yarn in to a
> ball, I remembered how she'd taught me this when I was five. She also
> me how to make yeast bread without recipes, and even though she never went
> to college she was far more comfortable having a blind grand-daughter than
> lots of well-educated american parents I saw later in life.
> Fast forward now to my year after high school where I lived in Germany as
> exchange student. I worked very hard to learn German,   and my friends and
> used to make fun of the american soldiers who never even tried.
> Our problem with foreigners isn't their foreign-ness, but rather their
> unwillingness to work on their english. As blind people we come in to
> contact with more service personel, drivers, restaurant help, etc. and we
> should be sure to praise anyone who is trying to learn. We should save our
> scorn for the lazy ones who do not try. We should continue to insist that
> people have good english skills, but we shouldn't treat them with
> just because they were not born here.
> --Debee
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