[bct] Dell Nightmares-- Larry's walk

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I'm sorry but I just had to join the Dell party. All of your stories are
nothing. Nothing at all. about 2 years ago I had to make 72 different phone
calls over a 2 month period to Dell technicians. I then ended up with 4
different complete unit replacements ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows XP
pro OS , all of which didn't work at all even though I was promised they
were 100% certified. It wasn't until I was transferred on different
occasions to 3 different so called lead technicians that I got P/O and
contacted my local FOXX affiliate to do one of those consumer watch type of
reports. I figure it wouldn't help anyone if I was the only one who was
repeatedly caught in the endless web of incompetent DELL technicians, so I
thought I would try to inform and help upto 12 million people in southern
California about Dell's complete lack of customer satisfaction--and for
peace of mind. Within a day of FOXX contacting DELL corporate, someone who
stated she was calling from Michael Dell's office contacted me and insured
me they would fix my computer problems within 2 days. Of course her only
motivation was what I was going to say on the TV news broadcast, so she went
as far as to ask me what I was going to say. I told her "the truth." They
sent over another computer and this one didn't work either even though
corporate knew what I was doing with FOXX. When it was all said and done I
had a new DELL computer with a DVD burner within 2 days--I'm still using
that same computer to this day trouble free.


J Garcia
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> Yeah, this combined with a problem we had with another Dell laptop has
> convinced me to stay away from them for a while.
> >>> maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tuesday, March 07, 2006 1:47:57 PM >>>
> Larry, I enjoyed your podcast of your walk to work this week, but am
> really sorry about your dell experiences. I even wrote a note to my
> friend who may be upgrading her machine soon--she has an old Dell with
> Windows 98 on it, and she thought Dell was the best, but, alas, judging
> from other people's experiences, not to mention your terrible ones, I
> warnred her not to think of purchasing from a company that sends out
> such faulty equipment to customers or vendors.
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