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Goodluck tomorrow Daryl.



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That's a great combination man, toughness and compassion; good luck.


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Dear Lynnette,

Yeah.  I am just pushing for what I believe is right.  I would like either
to have the software issue fixed and thus get my job back or otherwise have
an honorable settlement that doesn't just leave me out in the cold, with all
the bad consequences, just holding the bag, thrown away like yesterday's
newspaper, etc.  I am a staunch accessibility advocate.  This situation is
wrong on a number of levels.  I can't just lie down and take it without a
reasonable amount of strenuous resistance.  I am, however, doing my best to
apply pressure in ways that shouldn't be seen as overly adversarial, rude,
etc.  Thanks for the good wishes.

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Subject: [bct] Daryl, good luck to you on Monday

Guess the subject says it all.  You're fighting so hard I sincerely
hope it will be worth it.

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