[bct] Re: Darren and Kim's wedding

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I am looking forward to hearing this one. My sister's first year anniversary is coming up on May 6 of this year. She had been dating a guy in the military for a few years, and they finally decided to tie the knot. He's a really nice guy and a friend from church captured the wedding and the reception which followed, on videotape. They just returned from a belated honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand. They had a wonderful time.
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The wedding podcast was beautiful. I thought having the audio description
during the wedding was a stroke of genius. If you are sentimental, be sure
to grab a Kleenex before listening to this podcast. I certainly needed one!

I want to offer late wishes to you and Kim for many years of happiness
together. Thank you for sharing something so special and heartwarming with
us all.


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