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I'm not quite sure how to interpret the NFB member's phrase "the Bible as 
offensive literature."  It could mean that people are offended by what it says, 
or it could mean the Bible should be used to go on the offense.  In either 
case, a person's point of view determines which is applicable.  For my part, I 
choose to see the Bible as the offensive sword to promote the kingdom of God.  
The link www.MPNHome.net/characters/john9.htm leads to a commentary about the 
blind man of John chapter nine, from the perspective of a blind man.  The link 
www.MPNHome.net/topical/blindreceive.htm leads to a commentary about the topic 
of blindness from various passages of the Bible.  

Mike Justice, 

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  Amen brother! I was on a list several years ago and somebody posted something 
about Jesus healing the blind, and another person got very offended. Then I 
chimed in and told the person who got offended to just chill out and quit 
flaming everyone. She then said something to me like, "Don't you dare go 
telling anyone in the NFB not to take the Bible as a means of offensive 
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    Hi Friends:
    Norman Craft, known to me as Gordy once ask me to write something on how I 
feel about the way Jesus dealt with those who are blind like us in the Bible.  
I did so and here is what I wrote.

    Some times, I think we can best learn from what our Lord did not do when 
confronted with a situation rather than what he did do to resolve a problem.
    When Jesus walked on this Earth, he did his best for every blind beggar 
that he met, he healed them!  What he did not do was to just whip off a loaf of
    bread and two fishes so the man wouldn't have to beg for food that day.  
What he also did not do was to change the man's flask of water into wine so he
    could go sit under a tree, get drunk and forget about his problems as a 
beggar that day.  Jesus restored the man's sight!  The man could now go get a 
job as a chariot driver
    or something to support himself so he would never have to beg again.
    If we as Christians are to serve our Lord by doing our very best then we 
must learn to charge ourselves with the responsibility of finding the best, not
    the easiest solution to any problem we face on behalf of others this day.
    Today, I will strive to find the best way, not the easiest one!
    With love and Brotherhood:  Dana Niswonger

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