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I too know what it's like to lose your hearing.  I'm about  90 percent deaf.  I 
started losing it when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  Luckily, both ears have 
about the same amount of damage, so I can still tell where things are, and I 
can still do some light traveling.  I'm leary about crossing really busy 
streets, but where there's a will, there's a way.  I was born blind, so I never 
had any sight to miss, but I can remember being able to hear things like a 
dog's toenails clicking across the floor, and I miss sounds like that.  I can 
still enjoy my music, but when it comes to making recordings, I don't always 
trust my own hearing to tell me if the quality is good.  I have a sony dynamic 
microphone that has both left and right channel microphones, as well as one at 
the top, or center.  I'll dig up the model number and send it in.  I am curious 
to know if anyone else has used it, and for those who have good hearing, I 
would really like to knkow how it compares.  It was about 80 dollars, so it 
wasn't cheap, but there are definitely more expensive moddles out there.
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Dana and Jeff and Lynnette and list,

Your experiences are: Incredible and honest, and thanks for being so 
truthful, that's all I can say! I have mentioned previously that I was 
ridiculed and verbally abused as a child and teen, and the so-called experts 
thought I was retarded, which of course was their mistake; retarded people 
don't graduate from college and computer school and have a career, but I 
have gotten past that; the years and experience have gotten me past it. I 
think time is really a good healer; yes, there are things that will happen 
that bring all the memories back, and you guys have had some very rough 
times, but you survived it and as Jeff said, we're all in this together. 
Just being on this list has healed some left over anger that I had 
smoldering in the background. The support and friendship here have been so 

One thing that is frightening is to lose hearing in addition to being blind. 
I mentioned in my career cast about being deaf on one side; it just happened 
over a three day period; when I had it checked out, they said it's nerve 
deafness and nearly all of it is gone, and since I don't want to deal with 
cochlear implants I opted not to do anything. I had a cross-aid for years 
which took sound from the bad side and sent it to the good side, but it was 
more confusing than anything else so I don't use that any more. It's scary 
because we as blind people depend on our hearing so much, and I know that 
you with good hearing can hear stereo; I am just grateful for what I have, 
and can still hear the podcasts and do the mobility I need to do. I've had 
to tell people a few times that I can't tell where sound is coming from, 
when they say "I'm over here" or "this way" and I am more outspoken about 
that; I used to try to guess where they were when I really didn't know. I 
can get lost in my own apartment if I don't have a point of reference to 
rely on, like furniture or a wall. So, do some extra hearing for me and 
enjoy it, and I'll be very glad to know you did. If you love folk or 
classical music, listen to something for me, with good stereo separation and 
headphones, and I'll be glad that you can enjoy the experience. This list is 
all about support, and wishing people well and thinking positive is very 


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