[bct] Re: Daisy Reader Roundup Review

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  • Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 15:05:01 +0530

Especially if the books used in the examples have compatible content.

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There are actually quite a few more than that. Telix makes a couple of hardware players, and I bet there are half a dozen software players.

NLS we be putting content on the web next year, so the time is coming soon. Great idea on the cast though. That could rank up there right behind the sex one in popularity.

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Subject: [bct] Daisy Reader Roundup Review

There are now count 'em, three DAISY readers on the market--that I know of: The Victor Readers, the one Freedom Scientific is now bundling with JAWS to read their stuff with, which, oh by the way in case ya didn't know, now comes with a new version and license to read not only FS-format DAISY docs, but everyone else's too, and now I'm reading all about APH's Book Wizard.

Truth is, I'm not a DAISY user, nor would I be likely to be over the
next few years, unless NLS hurries up and does their conversion thing.

Never before have I seen or heard of a choice of readers before I've
ever even seen some media!

So, a crying need has presented itself:  We need a
compare-and-contrast DAISY reader roundup review.  Make it a podcast,
make it an ACB Radio Main Menu article/contribution, butmake it!  It's
clear I'm going to have to plunk down my hard-earned dollars for one
of these puppies sooner or later, probably sooner, and I haven't the
firstest foggiest notion of how to pick and choose.  Do I have a
Braille display?  Yes, but it's anything but portable.  Do I use
speech? Yes, all over the place. Do I use large print, either in
hardcopy or on the screen?  No.  Will I ever?  No.  Others' needs may
not be the same as mine, and I think it's high time somebody took this
on who knows something about what's out there, how it works, how it is
to use, etc., everything you'd want to cover in such a report.  And I
also suspect there's people on this list who can do this topic great
justice, even if done in parts (one person reviews one device, one
person puts the whole thing together and narrates and possibly
summarizes at the end).

So what do you all think?  I'll help put it together if people want to
volunteer to do the parts.

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