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  • Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 13:31:43 -0800

Regarding the DVD playing problems...

1. first always reboot computer to make sure you get rid of all the quirks
you've introduced into your session before launching the DVD playing

2. when you place a DVD into your computer's drive, first press and hold
down the shift key while pushing the DVD into the drive. This prevents the
DVD from playing automatically. By the way, this works for all CD and DVD

. 3. go to "My computer" and highlight the drive the DVD is in. Then use
your right click equivalent for your screen reader and laptop. You can also
use the windows application key if you have one on your laptop. Down arrow
and you should get a list of DVD players on your computer which you can use
to play the DVD.

4. use as many DVD playing applications in order to find the faulty one.

5. we'll take it from there.


J Garcia
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    I'm running Win XP home with JFW 7 on a Dell laptop.  I've tried to play
various dvd's using a couple programs, but to no avail.  Today, I tried
playing a dvd with dvd audio extractor, and real player came up.  I got a
dialog box saying I hadn't installed a DVD program.  Another time, with
another program, I believe there was a message stating I was missing a
codec.  Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Lisa Salinger
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