[bct] Re: DS2 with built-in software to set DS2 menus

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No kidding. How did you get it installed? Did you need sighted assistance to
get started with the install from the CD? Thanks.


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Hello Mary.
I'm sorry you're having such trouble with that software.  I don't know if it
was pure luck or what, but I am actually able to access all of the menus
using the plus upgrade.  I don't know if it makes a difference because I am
using Jaws 6.2 at the moment, however, it is able to be accessed. 
If you installed the software, and upgraded to plus, you want to press Alt D
to get to your downloads menu, then hit the up arrow once to get to
configure recorder menu.  Entering on that will give you a dialog with
various tabs such as playback, recording, general, etc.  You can then tab
through and check or uncheck the various checkboxes for the different
I don't know if this has helped you or frustrated you further, though I hope
it is the former.

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Hi list,
Regarding Larry's comment about demonstrating the DS2 software with DS2 menu
setting capability, it's not accessible at all. I couldn't get it to do
anything except show the software's function menu, such as going into
various folders, which it said were not available. So I uninstalled the
software and decided to forget about it. I wish it worked though; it would
have been nice to set the DS2 menus from the software.


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