[bct] Re: DS2 with built-in software to set DS2 menus

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:54:51 -0600

I got the dS2 and didn't realize until it was too late that the key was on a 
separate piece of paper, but here is what I would try if I has the software and 

The DS2 has two USB modes.  The storage mode allows you to be able to use it as 
a drive, and the audio mode will let you use it as a sound card, i.e record to 
your computer using the DS2's microphones, or play something back over the DS2 
using your computer.  when the software says that a feature is unavailable, has 
anyone tried switching it to the audio mode to see what would happen?
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Hi list,

Regarding Larry's comment about demonstrating the DS2 software with DS2 menu 
setting capability, it's not accessible at all. I couldn't get it to do 
anything except show the software's function menu, such as going into various 
folders, which it said were not available. So I uninstalled the software and 
decided to forget about it. I wish it worked though; it would have been nice to 
set the DS2 menus from the software.


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