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  • Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 10:34:27 -0500

Sounds like a wonderful idea.  It would also be nice to be able to
share inaccessible manuals that people have had to scan, like Rob had
to do with the Edirol.  Also, I tend to take crib notes for units that
are quite complicated.  After a while, I usually remember the things I
need to know, but once in a while I may need to refer to them again.
These kinds of lists and helpful hints would be great for a new user
of a product.

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Hi Jamie,
I'm all for the creation of written lists and other instructions for
these devices, all from a blind perspective, of course.
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That would actually be a great new page for BlindCoolTech. I actually
considered typing out the menu list from the iRiver IFP-899 menu
overview cast. Haven't listened to it in a while so I don't recall how
organized the presentation was. Perhaps we could start helpful hint
links for various recorders. That would add a written set of
instructions to the audio reviews.


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Hi all,
I figured out the sequence of items and options in the menus and once
you memorize them, they are quite blind friendly--except for items
like time, file comments, etc. If anyone needs the info, I'll post it
here; probably about 50 or 60 lines of text.

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