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Hi Jamie,
I'm certainly not speaking for Larry and you've probably had your question
answered but I think if you can get them into MP3 format, it's great.  I
know, however, from Larry's own lips that he'll take wav or whatever and
seems content in making the conversion.

And I hope I'm correct in saying that your tag at the end of his show is
very cool.

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Subject: [bct] DS-2 Review completed

> I have just completed a review of the Olympus DS-2. If someone has already
> submitted one, I will be glad to hang onto mine for a while. If not, I
> should have it cleaned up by tomorrow afternoon. Larry, do you want MP3
> files, or would you prefer wav files? I'm not sure from some of the
> discussion you've had lately which format you prefer.
> Jamie Pauls, MT-BC
> http://www.accesswatch.info

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