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Brian, you raise some very good points.  I am not a Mac user, but I did
test the new screen reader for the Mac.  I'm wondering if there is
anyone on the list who uses it and would like to do a podcast on it.  I
have some opinions, but they are based on very limited use.  I would
like to hear from someone who has used it more extensively.

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I'm sighted and I use an Apple laptop running MacOS 10.4. My son is 8
years old, he is blind, and he's getting some training on Jaws (he's
already very good on the BrailleNote BT, by the way). A year or so ago,
as you know, Apple came out with their Voiceover application, supposedly
making any Mac accessible since this application is supposed to speak
available actions and choices for any Mac application. Do any blind
people on this list use Macs? Does anyone have opinions on Voiceover and
general accessibility of these recent Macintoshes?

I should add that I've already noticed that many applications on the Mac
aren't completely keyboard-accessible, meaning not all commands for a
given application are available to a blind user. It also seems to me
that even the applications that come bundled with the Mac aren't always
completely keyboard-accessible, particularly the more obscure ones.

Thanks again,

Brian O. 

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