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scott, please email me off list at kb3ham@xxxxxxxxxxx doug
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Ah, well in fact I use the Mac everyday and true VoiceOver is still a bit rough in places, its more than acceptable for most everyday tasks. I will do another podcast and cover things in much greater detail and I suspect that will help folks see how useful it is. I was having an off night and so was my machine..grin


On Mar 4, 2006, at 4:04 PM, Daveed Mandell wrote:

From what I hear, from one of the developers of OUtspoken, that is, when it was taken over by Alva Access Group, Voice Over is not really an acceptable screen reader yet, although it is better than MicroSoft Narrator. But a blind computer specialist named Dean Hudson was just hired by Apple, and some of us think Voice Over could become a very fine screen reader indeed. Right now, however, it's still rather raw around the edges, so I'm told.

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