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Isn't file sharing illegal music wrong in the first place?  People just seem 
to think the copyright laws can be bent or broken for any reason what so 
ever.  The file swappers think that the big bad record companies don't 
deserve the money for the music.  Like Neal says this country has laws that 
have to be obeyed regardless if we agree with them or not.  Those who choose 
to bend or break must face the consequences of thier actions.



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To add to what Jay is saying, look at the record companies who post up fake
music on the file sharing networks to prevent people from getting the right
songs! The music is a looping part of the song or some beeps or tones
inserted in random places. And they can do that because the song without the
inserted beeps and tones is what's copyrighted and not the song with the
beeps and tones. So change something about the songs, even if you have to
insert something in in between the words when someone is not singing that
you're listening to the blind cool tech podcast. That changes everything.
That's why aol doesn't get into trouble for their copies of songs being
distributed over networks with their first listen thing. Cause that inserted
background voice clip at a point in the song, as I understand it from te
info given above, changes the nature of the work to a different version.
People record those songs from aol also just to get the prereleased version.

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