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I have two words for you that you need to consider in this whole matter.....
     It is not so much how you do a thing. It is more important how you 
describe the thing, and your intent. 
     So one must think is this legally wrong? 
           "       "       "     is this morally wrong? 
           "       "       "     is it really worth the hassle? 
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  now just wondering with the relaxation of laws, that will make it legal for 
  us to in our own private homes, able to tape tv shows, from video, and dvd,
  and able to convert music in any format, to listen to.
  now, was developing a 80s music site, and had burned my own copies of 80s 
  tracks, from cda to mp3 format.
  now, did e-mail the record companies, in australia, and have them on the 
  hard disk.
  now, was wondering, if i did put them on a server, even though the tracks 
  are 17 to 26 years old, why would i have to pay royalties to the copyright 
  or the record companies.
  would like to allow people to download my tracks, but got the third degree 
  from the four main record companies in australia, that it would be illegal.
  now being an honest guy and a christian, would not do that.
  so here are some questions:

  1. what would happen, if i did pay copyright or royalties, then would  i be 
  able to say make my site into a business, and charge for downloads?
  2. how would i do that, in a legal way, to cover my self?
  3. now, if other people, say in australia, or overseas, know it is illegal, 
  but put up their music collections from the 70s and 80s, which there are 
  of sites, and music downloads, what would be the rammifcations, of that 
  would i be prosecuted?
  just food for thought.
  would really love to do this, but still illegal.
  if any lawyers on this list, or know of any, could they give their 2 cents 
  worth on this issue.
  would really love to do this, but cannot do this, until they either change 
  the law, or make it possible, for us individuals to do this legally.
  cheers Marvin.

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