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Fantastic, Mary!
I was so depressed, dare I say upset about this whole copywright issue.  I
understand on my grown-up level that they're simply trying to protect
artists and their work, but I'm not selling anything and should be able to
play and share performances that I enjoy.  <growl>

I thought to myself, "Okay.  We'll just sing the carols ourselves!"  So get
ready, folks!

Looking forward to your Nutty project.

I got it. BCT should do a re-telling of the Lord of the Rings!  ...or some
other favorite story!  <smile>



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> Dan,
> Chocolate for all! We need chocolate after all this legal stuff! Thanks
> the additional information; you can help us all stay on track!
> I thought of a work-around for the Nutcracker idea, or any similar idea;
> could tell the story in our own words, and have music in the background as
> part of the environment, not recorded directly but just part of the sound
> the room. That way, nothing would be violated. It will also make the
> Nutcracker idea much easier to do, because I could just write out a
> re-telling of what I learn, and stop and start the recording when
> No copyrights violated, and writing is a pleasure for me; and it will give
> the Perkins brailler a bit of a workout.
> Mary

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