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Jeremiah, how do you obtain the DSS Player software that you demonstrated on 
your podcast?  Do you download it from a website or does it come with the 
recorder?  I assume it has to be ordered in some way since you mentioned it 
cost $10 extra.

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Hi all. The DSS Player software which comes with the DS2 can convert .DSS
files to wave files and does so very well. However, only the DS2's two
lowest quality settings use the .DSS file type, and in my opinion neither
would be suitable for podcast recording. Hope that clarifies a bit.


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The DSS file format is proprietary to Olympus so I don't think anything will

actually convert it to anything. WMA files can be converted to MP3 files.
There are lots of conversion programs out there. I bought one a few years
ago called Alive Wave MP3 converter. It is a breeze to use, but it's not

When you mention "sound recorder" I assume you meant Studio Recorder; it is
quite expensive but a breeze to use.


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