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Well, speaking of walking in concrete, I almost did that myself.  They just 
poured our driveway, and, I was of a mind to step in to it just before it 
hardened so that there would be bare foot prints in it; but, as luck and 
time would have it, I didn't get to feel the goo between my toes or under my 
bare feet; and, to this day, there is not a shred of evidence that I ever 
walked on that driveway.

    You know how some patios are poured in such a way that they feel 
completely smooth if you walk BAREFOOTED on them, and others don't?  Well, 
is that smooth stuff really cement or is it concrete?  I guess it's concrete 
isn't it; because the mixture contains gravel, shells, and so forth where as 
cement is more like gooey mud.

Sincerely yours,
The Constantly Barefooted,
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Don't need much of an excuse with that sweet little lambie.

I remember when my niece and nephew were little; their father was pouring a
sidewalk the day before Easter.  When they all awoke the next morning, there
were paw prints on there where a cat had walked over the newly poured walk.
The kids believed for a good long time that the Easter Bunny had gone over
the walk to enter their house.

Have a good one!!!

Karen Delzer

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I always look for an excuse to give Mars an extra hug!

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> Just listened to the concrete cast and it was so cool how you could hear
> the
> chimes in the distance.  Sounded like we were right out there, and I was
> almost thinking I was going to step into that gooey stuff, too.  At one
> point, I took off my headset to see if the plane was at my house, or
> Larry's.  But, my favorite part was Marley.  What a little cutie pie!  I
> just wanted to scoop her up and hug her!  So, Larry, if you see this, give
> her an extra cuddle for me; she's such a sweet little babydoll!
> Karen Delzer

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