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Well, my nieces and nephews, as well as my own children are all grown now,
and will tell that story to their own children one of these days.  Funny,
the things we remember.

Karen Delzer

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That's too cute.  I have nieces and nephews of all ages in Michigan.  I'm
always gad to  go see them.

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Keep smiling!

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>Don't need much of an excuse with that sweet little lambie.
>I remember when my niece and nephew were little; their father was pouring a
>sidewalk the day before Easter.  When they all awoke the next morning,
>were paw prints on there where a cat had walked over the newly poured walk.
>The kids believed for a good long time that the Easter Bunny had gone over
>the walk to enter their house.
>Have a good one!!!
>Karen Delzer
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>I always look for an excuse to give Mars an extra hug!
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> > Just listened to the concrete cast and it was so cool how you could hear
> > the
> > chimes in the distance.  Sounded like we were right out there, and I was
> > almost thinking I was going to step into that gooey stuff, too.  At one
> > point, I took off my headset to see if the plane was at my house, or
> > Larry's.  But, my favorite part was Marley.  What a little cutie pie!  I
> > just wanted to scoop her up and hug her!  So, Larry, if you see this,
> > her an extra cuddle for me; she's such a sweet little babydoll!
> >
> > Karen Delzer
> >
> >

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