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Jo Anne,

Yeah, me too, I work in a big old steel and concrete building and I'm about 200 feet from the main doors in my office/storage room and can't get much on the FM and nothing at all on the AM. My reading last night pointed out a few winners in the quality competition but they were expensive. The one that was mentioned by Don?, I think, the Cambridge SoundWorks CD 740 costs about 349 dollars but does it all and even out performed the Bose Wave which was 500 bucks. Cambridge has the 730 which has no CD player for 200 and the Tivoli models showed up pretty well on Consumer reports and CNET. But, once again, we're talking bucks. They ran about 150 for a monaural model and 200 for a stereo version and the CD player and Sub-woofer are separate items for more money.

I'll keep you informed of my progress in researching a decent radio for a decent price. Don't get me wrong, I realize that quality costs, but i'm trying to skirt around the lower edge of quality to get a solution I can afford without much guilt. More later.


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Thanks for the input. That gives me something to go on. Check back if you think of anything else. My main concern is buying one that has lousy FM reception. Jo Anne.

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