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Jo Anne,

I'll tell you what I did recently. I was at sears looking for a shelf/bedside/office system. My boombox at work is just about done with missing knobs and a broken cd door and a broken off antenna it needed to be replaced. I also have a very good zenith radio which looks like a rip-off version of the Bose "Wave" radio but which is actually a nice radio but I had it in my candy store for a couple of years and in my room for a couple more and the buttons don't always work any longer. I got a strange idea while looking around the store. They had, on an endcap, a 5.1 DVD system with a very small subwoofer, about 1 foot by 10 inches by 4 inches and 5 tiny satelite speakers, about 3 or 4 inch cubes, and not very much power, but it plays mp3 files off a cdr or cdrw or dvd disc. It has AM and FM and lots of inputs. It has 20 AM and 20 FM presets and a nice remote which is the best and really the only good way to use it. It cost me a whopping 39.99 plus tax. Even if it doesn't last that long, it's cheap and I can sit the little speakers around the bedroom. I actually put the left front and back on one nightstand and the right front and rear on the other nightstand on the other side of the bed and the center speaker on top of the headboard, mine has a 3 inch wide rail at the top. The speaker have keyhole shaped cutouts in the back to hang them on the wall. I'm trying this system for my bedroom and then, if it works out well, I'll find another cheap one for my office at work. I got a 1/8 inch stereo to dual RCA jack patch cord and can plug the Iriver into the stereo and listen to podcasts and books at night. I only wish it got TV and weather channels like my old Zenith did. I would still rather have that talking dream machine they used to make but for now this will do. I bought the stereo at Sears as I said earlier, back in August and it wasn't the only cheapy they had. I looked at Best Buy a couple of days ago but all their little systems have been removed and replaced with ones for hundreds of dollars. They had a nice sounding Sony undercabinet-mount system with base boost, CD player and radio for 69 dollars but it mounts to the bottom of a shelf or cabinet with two bolts that you have to drill for. In the boomboxes they had a nice sounding one that played AM/FM and CD/mp3 but it was $149. We didn't do much messing with their "executive" shelf systems because they were all very plastic and seemed very breakable and were mostly 150 to 200 dollars. . Radio Shack used to sell a line of "optimus" components that were only 1 inch thick by maybe 10 inches wide across the front and 8 inches deep. I bought the Tuner and Amplifyer for about 50 dollars each and then bought a couple of their shielded speakers for like 39 dollars but then we're back up to almost 150 dollars with tax. We could always just buy the Bose Wave for a house payment sized amount. I actually really like those but the cost is prohibitive for my budget. One could also go the route of putting a radio tuner card into one's computer and using the CD drive for it's intended purpose. Then you could take advantage of internet radio stations and play all your podcasts and any other sound files. Before I got the little DVD reciever for my room, I was using an older PC to play CDs and mp3s but the reciever was cheaper than the FM tuner card so I put that in the room instead. Besides the 700mhz computer was pretty slow at using Winamp and Jaws together. At least the computer had speech. I just had my son look and the system from Sears was called "JSI Home Theater System", please!, home theater it aint, but it will do for now. My daughter has the Sony version of this kind of all-in-one 5.1 reciever and DVD player and it is a whole world different. That thing is the same size as the JSI but the quality of sound and power is amazing, but it costs about 400 dollars. Well, there are my off-the-cuff shelf system ideas. I'm sure others on here have great ideas as well. Oh yeah, that Zenith, back when I bought it, cost 169 dollars but had no cd player. I'm still out there looking for another small system so I can take the JSI to work and get something more in a radio kind of shape, like a small boombox. But, I think I want too much. I want a bedroom system to have AM/FM, CD, weather radio, TV Band and sound decent enough to listen to music while I fold laundry in my room. The JSI DVD system was cheap enough but then you've got little wires running everywhere. I'll post here if I find anything cool and affordable in the near future.

Jeff Armstrong,
St. Paul, MN
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Anyone have any recommendations for a compact shelf stereo system with an AM/FM radio and CD player? I would like one with a decent sound and bass but not too pricey. Any input would be appreciated! Jo Anne Stombaugh.

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