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Hi Dan,

It has been demonstrated time and time again that separate agencies for the
blind provide us with better service than do general rehab agencies.  Some
have said that we have obtained too much, but what we have managed to get
has been done by organizing and acting together.  Yes, it would be nice if
other disability groups could have what we have, but I am not willing to
relinquish what we have gained.  When blind people become submerged within
general agencies, we become a very small minority within the disability
community and we soon lose the expertise needed for obtaining the training
necessary to let us compete effectively in the sighted world.  


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We have a separate commission for the blind here in Massachusetts, too.  It 
is very well funded, the one for persons with hearing difficulties should 
be half as well funded.  When I was laid off a year ago and contacted them, 
they stumbled all over themselves giving me products and services.  It is 
nice to see a state separate out services for the blind from the general 
voc rehab.  However, how about all the other disabilities that are not 
nearly as well funded.  My wife had to fight world war three to get the 
commission for the hard of hearing to purchase an fm wireless system for 
her hearing aid so she could more easily hear law school classes.  It is 
quite possible that the fact she was in law school scared them a bit, who 

Though a separate commission for the blind serves me well and I am thankful 
for this, wouldn't it be nice to have either separate groups for each 
disability, or to have a truly responsive and diversified rehab agency for 
all comers.


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