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I like recording and plan to again soon, but, I find it so much easier to be composed and thoughtful in writing. Writing gives me the time to think about what I want to say. If I am ever not sure of what I'm saying, I simply press ALT+TAB and search the internet for more info.
Jeff Armstrong
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Jeff, that is a wonderful post on PC maintenance. If you can figure out how or when, you should do a podcast on all of this stuff in addition to Riz's. There isn't any one way to do this kind of stuff, so all the input we can get is well worth it. And one person doesn't have all the answers because there are so many points of view, so, Riz, don't worry about making massive corrections to your podcast, because this discussion will no doubt bring up even more points to remember and use. All my PCs have a gig of memory and in the future when I get new machines I will always ask for the maximum amount of memory the machine can hold. Sometimes having too much memory can slow things down (I forgot why, but I read it in one of those books on Bookshare that O'Reilly published about the innards of Windows.) Regardless of what the books say, though, we use adaptive software and that eats up memory and resources that the sighted world doesn't take into account when they write their books.


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