[bct] Re: Combining multiple audio files

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  • Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 21:58:36 -0600

I convert asf to wav a lot as I record a lot of media player streams with 
replay AV lately, or at least 1 a day. The 150 command limit for the goldwave 
demo is sufficient to convert a show to wav and then split it with the 
autoqueue into hour segments that I play in winamp. The only reason I need to 
split at all is long files act weird when fastforwarding, since I use the 
crossfading plugin.

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  You would have to use a sound editor and insert each file into a new 
document; as an example, for Studio Recorder, you'd edit a new document which 
happens automatically when you enter Studio Recorder; then alt plus I to 
insert, then type the file path of the one to insert; then alt plus the end key 
to get to the end of that file, and then type the control plus I to get to 
insert, and type the next file you want to insert. That's how I build my 
podcasts; i then have to go through each file and edit out the false starts, 
the clicks when the old file ends and the new one starts, use fade in and fade 
out, cross fade, and on it goes. This assumes that all your files are on your 
PC, and that they have all been converted to wave format from WMA. 


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