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Robert, I can't tell you how to do it in Studio recorder, but it can be
done in Sound forge.  The default resample module in sound forge will
change the sample without changing the pitch.  There is a check box you
can check to have it do the sampling pitch change, but this is not
checked by default, so it should work by resampling the file and leaving
the pitch the same.


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Hi All,

The Talking Communities client that we use in the bct chat room 
records the chat files at a sampling rate of 16,000. I normally 
record my podcast at a sampling rate of 44,100. I am wanting to mix a 
file from the chat room with a podcast using Studio Recorder. Studio 
Recorder gives me an error because the sampling rates do not match. 
When I change the sampling rate on the file that was recorded at 
16,000 to 44,100, it, of course, makes the file sound like the 
chipmunks. Studio Recorder has  a pitch control for playback which 
allows me to bring the pitch back to normal. I have not been able to 
find a way to save the file with the pitch changed. Does anybody know 
how to solve this problem?

I am hoping to use Studio Recorder for this but could use Sound Forge 
if necessary.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Robert Carter

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