[bct] Cognac [was: Re: Answering questions]

  • From: Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 16:29:37 +1100


OK, just got to butt in here. You mentioned two of my favorites in the
same sentence and I couldn't pass it by. While some of you will hate
me for this, scotch has never been my drink - I don't mind a really
really good one, but generally those are out of my range. 

However, Cognac - now your talking. This is my all time favorite. When
I was writing my honors thesis and was finding the going a bit
difficult, I would go into town and purchase a bottle of cognac, some
nice chocolate and head home. On arrival, I'd setup my study
materials, brew a strong black expresso coffee, poor a snifter of
cognac, open the chocolate and start work. 

I would consume considerable quantities of coffee, cognac and
chocolate over the next few hours - with slowly reducing levels of
chocolate, then coffee and finally, left with just the cognac, I'd
plough on a little longer until I was a little too marry to continue
further and would wobble off to bed. 

On the next day, I'd review my work. This was always really
interesting. At the beginning, it would be pretty normal and fairly
boring stuff, then it would slowly get more interesting and some
original ideas would begin to show through. Then there would be a peak
about one and a half hours before I went to be of really good stuff. 

I suspect the last hours work was probably always my most brilliant,
but unfortunately the bad typing and cognac enhanced grammar usually
meant I could never make any sense of it - though I always retired
after one of those nights feeling I'd made significant breakthroughs. 

Its 4:30pm here - I've just got to wait another few hours until I can
have some more cognac from the bottle I recieved for christmas. The
room currently has a wonderful coffee smell as I've just done a new
cup. However, I don't have any chocolate and yoghurt just won't do!


The Scarlet Wombat writes:
 > Beth, I'm sorry, I seem to be trying to shoot your ideas down today and 
 > that is not my intent.  So, before I make a comment, let me offer some 
 > delicious dark 72% cocoa chocolate, and a snifter of fine Cognac.
 > The idea of having people respond individually to questioners seems good, 
 > but I guarantee that for every person who asks a question, there are five 
 > who have wondered about the same thing, and won't get to find out if the 
 > conversation is taken off list.
 > Dan 

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