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Hi M.
I certainly cannot offer a technical answer but I can tell you when I use 
anything having to do with FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol.  

I have only been doing so since I became involved with BCT because I needed 
some way to send my podcasts to Larry.  In fact, it was Kai on this list, who 
educated me on simply being able to copy and paste the files from my computer 
to an FTP server.

When I need to transfer large files to any of the servers I use, such as BCT, 
Libsyn or Yahoo Webhosting...
I copy the file to the clipboard.
I then activate the Run command on the Start Menu
Next, I type in the FTP url (address) and enter.
Then type in the username and password.  You'll need to do this if it's your 
first time) and press enter.  I'm certain there is a box that you can check, 
though, so that you don't have to do it in the future.
The server should open and you can then paste your file there.

That is the long and short of it for me, but I hope it helps.  It might be too 
much info for you now, but you might find it useful for later endeavors.


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  Hi, everyone:
  What is an FTP? And what purpose does it serve?

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