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MessageHi Neal, This is Mike, and I am of course of two minds on the
business of advertising. I don't want it and the number of postings, the
dozens of emails to look through are expanded greatly once the vendors get
hold of this list, still there are situations, like the one mentioned below
where people might really benefit, assuming they have the money.  I guess
I'd lean toward a no advertising approach.
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Although I don't want to swamp the list with promos from accessibility
companies, I do believe that people on this list may want to know about some
of the things that companies are doing.  So, I offer the following.  By the
way, the product mentioned is a combination of Dragon naturally speaking and
JAWS.  The intent is to be able to use Dragon but, if one purchases the
professional version, one is able to speak JAWS commands such as read line,
go to next link, etc. and have the program do exactly that.  If people would
rather not have advertising posted to the list, please cast your vote.  You
most definitely will be heard.

And now to the course that is being offered.

 Saturday before CSUN, MARCH 17-18, 2006


* 12 hours of JSay Technical and Usage Instruction over two days

* Featuring Brian Hartgen of T&T Consultancy Ltd. and Ed. Rosenthal of Next
Generation Technologies, Inc.

* Individuals will receive a certificate of completion and one full copy of
JSay Pro v. 3.0 after attending the class

* Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Day One and Breakfast on Day Two

* Tuition for both days is $714.50

* Limited to 20 people

* Some computers will be set up but people wishing to bring along their
laptops can do so.

Please R.S.V.P. by March 3 to Swandi Chan at swandi@xxxxxxxxxxxx or call
425.744.1100 ext 17

To explore more about JSay, go to this website:

Next Generation Technologies, Inc.

20006 Cedar Valley Rd. #101 | Lynnwood, WA 98036

Tel: 425.778.5547 | Fax: 425.744.1100 | www.ngtvoice.com

Neal Ewers
Ravenswood Productions
Local phone:  608-277-1995
Toll Free:  888-544-8332
Email:  neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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