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Yeah thgat would be fine. should I contact the church audio person about 
that? Thanks.
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Hi, Alan:

On Thu, 25 May 2006 15:29:26 -0400, you wrote:

>I have a question for all you church audio mic users out there.
>Where did you go to get the loan to afford them? No wait that
>wasn't it. I am looking at the site and see that there is a huge
>price difference between the mini and the standard editions. So
>what I would like is to take a census of who is using what, and
>if anyone can describe the difference that would be great too.

Firstly, for the hobbyist, the $230 package is probably more than
sufficient.  Like someone in another email list recently said, you can
buy a whole lot more microphone today for a hundred dollars than you
could just a few years ago.

Like the Church Audio web site also states, the Danish higher-priced
capsules are really for broadcast-quality recording, they probably do
a bit better resolution at higher sample rates and sizes (24-bit vs
16, 48 khz vs. 44.1). I'm not even sure we mere mortals could hear the
difference, but test equipment could probably pick it up easily

What I'm personally hoping/waiting for is two things:  (1)  Church
Uadio's web site should have the recording of their microphones in a
downloadable non-MP3 (AAC would be good) lossless format.  (2) I can't
wait for somebody to buy the higher-priced units and do a side-by-side
comparison, recording the same thing with each set of microphones, and
providing those recordings in a lossless format so we can hear the
true differences betwixt and between, as they say.

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