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Anybody besides myself that Lector's at Mass?

I use materials produced by the Xavier Society for the Blind.

I seem to be in a tug of war with my Priest who just seems to want to nit pick at me all the time. I think he is jealous because he is from Venezuala and has a strong accent. He is difficult to understand.


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As a footnote to what I wrote before, let me hasten to add that I do enjoy
listening to Gregorian chant sometimes--it's just that I do not like Mass
said in Latin, as I think it should be in the people's language. I believe
Latin came to be used long ago because it used to be the people's language
but, when that changed, the use of Latin for Mass remained. The modern
music we use can be done with great success using any instrument, including
organ. The modern music is my favorite by far, since the words are
absolutely stunning--and the accompaniments are, too. Beth

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