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  • Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 19:43:07 -0800 (PST)

Hi Beth,

Mom knew Dad was an atheist when she met him.  They never fought about 
religion.  He accepted that he had hers and he never interfered with her faith 
or her raising the kids in the faith (not that it did much good in the end).   
In fact, he insisted on doing the church instructions thing and marrying her in 
the church after his ex-wife died so that Mom could be considered a full member 
of the church again.
Toward the end of his life he was probably more agnostic than atheist and he 
sure enjoyed the community of the church my brother attends.

This combination of life and spiritual outlooks had some interesting results.  
My sister ended up being a fundamentalist Christian who gave my Mom fits.  My 
mother had more heartburn over my sister than anyone - including me when I was 
in my atheist phase of life.  Being atheist did not work for me because I live 
in a world that is one numinous experience after another and I walk hand in 
hand with emminant diety each day.  My brother is a former alterboy turned 
atheist Episcopal who is married to a woman who is in intensely spiritual 
artist of phenomenal talent.  She is deeply involved in her spirituality and 
would study for the priesthood if anything ever happened to him.  I'm an 
intensely spiritual Pagan who is clergy in my own tradition and have a lot in 
common with highly spiritual (but not fundamental) members of other spiritual 
traditions and my sister-in-law and I are very much on the same wavelength.   
Religious dynamics being what they are my sister keeps in touch wi
 th the
 atheist brother rather than the Pagan sister.  

So, I guess you can say we are a "blended family."  You shoulda seen my 
daughter's very conservative Episcopal mother-in-law when her son and 
soon-to-be daughter-in-law decided on a Druid wedding ceremony.  (chuckle)  
They were afraid to tell her so they begged me to do it and I must say that my 
counterpart would have preferred a justice of the peace.  

You guys all Catholic in your family?  Most Catholic families tend to be that 
way, although you do see some interfaith marriages - mostly Jewish/Catholic or 
Pagan/Catholic (since they really are very close to each other in many 


beth <fb-oe@xxxxxxx> wrote: Wow--a Catholic mother and atheist father--what a 
combo!  Did they fight
over it?  Beth

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