[bct] Re: Christmas, a la Neal

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 23:37:25 -0500

Hi Neal,
As I write this message, Maria is playing your podcast. Your music is positively exquisite and we plan to purchase your CD's from CD Baby.

Thank you for sharing your brilliant talent with us.

Have an excellent Christmas!

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Joni, thanks for the compliments.  Now that you bring up the nature cds,
I would like to offer a Christmas gift to members of this list.  Please
know that I'm not trying to increase my sales by this offer.  We get
enough money that I don't have to beg from my friends on the list, but I
can offer people a break on the price.  So, from now until Christmas, I
will pay for the postage of all the nature CDs people order on this
list.  I love sounds and I like sharing them, and I can't think of a
nicer group of email companions to share them with.  It will, however,
mean that you have to call in your order, because our web site is geared
to charge postage.  However, I have a toll free number which should ease
the burden of the call.  That number is

Merry Christmas.


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Neal I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas on the Kurzweil podcast. All of the music was beautiful. I especially liked the hand bells and the harpsichord. O Come All Ye Faithful was truly majestic. I definitely intend to buy your CD, along with some of your nature CDs which I discovered at your website. I love nature recordings, especially birds. I will be

doing some shopping at your website very soon.

I look forward to hearing more about the Kurzweil keyboard.  I am not a
musician, but, it is interesting to hear how you put these recordings
together and I certainly enjoy the final product.

Thanks again for sharing your talent with us.  Merry Christmas!


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Subject: [bct] Re: Christmas, a la Neal

Thanks Dan. One of the things you will notice on my web site is that we do not have a very good streaming server and the quality of the streaming is not very good. However, there is another site which is selling them for us and their streaming is very good. You can check out the direct link to the CD at


By the way, this is not a commercial.  I just wanted people to hear them
in better quality if they wanted to.


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Neal, I wanted to applaud you publically. I generally dislike Christmas

music, particularly traditional caroles, but yours is superb.  You have
mastered the hauntingly beautiful melodies and the minor songs just
stand out.

Folks, if you didn't know, Neal has produced these Christmas songs in a
professionally done CD that is available from his web site,
ravenswood.org.  I intend to purchase one, perhaps more.  You may wish
to do the same.  Disclaimer, Neal didn't offer me a commission for
saying this. [big grin]


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