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Hi Mary,
That large braille Christmas tree sounds amazing.  I'm looking forward to your 
podcast on it so I can try it myself.


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  Chris and everybody,

  That was wonderful! Just right to start the Christmas season!

  Maybe this weekend I will do a podcast and teach you how to make a Braille 
Christmas tree with little candy canes and holly leaves; the braille characters 
make the shapes. You need to know braille to do it though, or at least have a 
braille writer. I guess you could do it with a slate but it would take a while 
to figure out the spacing. I can show you a little tree that might fit on a 3 
by 5 inch card, and a big elaborate one that requires 11 by 11 and a half inch 
braille paper; I usually put a big one on my door. Some kid stole my favorite 
hand made wreath so since then I've done trees, snow men, and other holiday 
stuff. Right now I have a pumpkin (without the Jack-o-lantern of course.) 
Braille can be replaced, but your favorite wreath can't.


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