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  • Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 18:34:56 -0500

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the tip on what happens if you heat the 8th continent chocolate
milk.  Actually, I never drink it hot.  I figure that since it is found in
the refrigerated section in the store, that is how it was meant to be drunk.
Do they make other products besides milk?  I know that they make a "Lite"
version of the milk, but that's all I've seen.  Please, do tell.


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> Maria,
> I love 8th Continent, any flavor theyhave; sad to say though, the hot
> chocolate doesn't taste good. It sort of disintegrates and the flavor just
> doesn't hold up when it's hot.
> Maybe you have better luck with it. I love their products though.
> Mary

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