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Hello, Vince!
    Ah, the music it is infectious!  Thank you so much for enjoying it.  I'm
really glad to hear that.
Also, thanks very much for the podcast feed.  I definitely have to check
that out.  I did think that Runrig were Scottish, but I didn't want to be
wrong, so I left the question mark floating in the air.  They are absolutely
By the way, while we're on the subject of music, your wife's is fantastic!
I've been meaning to tell you.  I went and checked out your web site and
enjoyed my stay very much.
Thanks very much for the birthday wish.  It is never belated in my book,
just delayed in coming.  <smile>  I'm glad you enjoyed that birthday cast,
where spontaneity was the rule.  I hope to have more of those kinds of casts
in the future.
I am looking forward very much to your offerings, as I'm sure they will be
informative, and most of all extremely entertaining.

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  Hi, Hope,

  Just listened to your latest - loved it. That music makes me rolll over
and kick all 7 legs inthe air.

  Don't expect me to talk sense - I heard quite a lot of your birthday cast
as well! Thanks for all the chuckles!

  Yes, Runrig are definitely Scottish. They'd hurl something really heavy at
you if you suggested anything else. Quite a lot of their songs are sung in
Scottish Gaelic, in fact. I love their stuff, and it's influenced a lot of
other Scottish bands. (Len an ear to the Tartan Podcast and you might hear
some of the stuff I mean). The feed is


  Not to be confused with the Tantra podcast, which is about something
completely different!

  Oh, and a belated happy birthday! Sounds as if you had a really good time.


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