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  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:20:19 -0400

I'm with you Eric, and will be preparing a hobbiescast as soon as I can get
my thoughts     together.  Well, maybe I'll just do it anyway.  <grin>


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> I second Larries call for people to submit casts discussing their
> or hobbies.  I have know for a long time I need to find something more
> productive or at least active than simply reading or chatting on the
> internet.  While those are fine, they at least don't get you up and moving
> or meeting new people live and in person.
> I was just discussing with someone recently I think it is a little harder
> for us to explore new interests because of the transportation
> I know for me, it is such a hassle arranging for transportation, that I
> to be pretty sure it is a worthwhile activity I am attending.  Of course,
> really never know that until we get there, so I am sure I miss out on
> that seem of only minimal interest because of the trouble getting to it
> probably could have been the start of something big for me.  I do keep in
> mind that this is an obstacle and not a barrier.
> I hope people accept the invitation and let us know what you do for
> entertainment or avocation.  I am desperately in need of one more thing to
> distract me from working...
> Eric SS

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