[bct] Cast 209 and some other thoughts

  • From: "Dana Niswonger" <dniswonger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 02:35:03 -0600

Hi Friends:
First, let me say that when I post to all from now on, I will use the 
salutation, friends.  I have read enough to know and been touched very close to 
my heart by the open, frank discussions we have shared.  I just finished 
listening to show 209 and like 208, I felt there is a creative flow rapidly 
developing because of all our contributions.  Larry, don't give changing your 
interview style much thought.  I really enjoyed the one with Carol and sent her 
a thanks e-mail.  Your willingness to share your own discomforts and 
inadequacies only increases my courage to do the same.  Regarding eating, in 
truth, I use all the methods you have all mentioned.  Sometimes, I let my wife 
cut meat for me, when I am at home, she loves to be a helper.  When I am out 
for a meal, I have both ordered something easy to eat and taken on the 
challenge of emasculating a stake for myself.  Like Kai, I like sharp stake 
knifes for cutting any meat.  We eat country fried stake and French fries, 
covered in gravy at home and my simple answer to not making a mess is to use a 
Pyrex pie plate my wife has so as not to slop this wonderful messy meal all 
over myself.  Jerry, thanks for the technical portions of the cast as I am very 
interested in microphones, I'm still considering what to buy for creating my 
own casts, any suggestions?  Finally, my comments would not be in any way 
complete without proclaiming how much laughter came to me from Lunette's 
portion of her shopping trip in New York, you go girl!  Your interactions with 
everyone you met remind me of so many times my wife and me have been able to 
change the demeanor of people around us just by laughing and having a good 
time.  I certainly hope to hear more from you in future pod casts.  Keep up the 
great creative flow everyone and I'm sure Larry will produce some classic casts 
for us, I must admit that I am keeping our list a bit of a secret from other 
blind folks I know, you have all become so dear to me so fast and I don't want 
to upset the wonderful balance we have accomplished.  Have a safe, productive 
day all!

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