[bct] Re: Carrying cups of hot liquid.

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I generally use the cups and saucers that came with my set of Corelware 
dishes.  The cup is more of a mug shape and is a bit larger than lots of 
coffee cups that have saucers.  I hold my little and ring fingers under the 
saucer, the next two fingers above the saucer on the side of the cup below 
the handle, with my thumb through the handle.  If a little sloshes out, 
which luckily generally does not happen, it will be more likely to go into 
the saucer rather than the floor.  But, whatever method you use remember to 
be very careful because a couple of months ago I was distracted, not paying 
attention and bumped the corner of a wall and sloshed hot coffee onto the 
back of my hand and it caused a painful burn.  I don't think I would attempt 
to carry a tray with glasses or cups full of liquid because it seems like 
the larger the item being carried it would be more likely to bump the tray 
into something or tilt it and spill something.

I carry cups of coffee upstairs several times a day and the only time I have 
spilled any so far is the above incident.  Wish it had spilled onto the 
floor or saucer instead!

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Same here. Also, I have trouble carrying trays of food while using my cane.
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> In response to Darren's question in his podcast about carrying hot coffee,
> I guess you could say I take the coward's way out. I always use mugs with
> a lid. Some might say that's cheating; but holding a cup level is
> difficult for me. So that always works. Great podcasts lately by the way!
> Jo.

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