[bct] Re: Carrying cups of hot liquid.

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my new favorite Starbucks drink is the Chantico.... they're very rich and have a lot of chocolate in them.


11:12 AM 1/8/2006, you wrote:
<Grin> It's really not hard to do, is it? Become a Starbuck's junkie, I mean. Besides caramel fraps, eating their rice-crispy squares and watching reruns of Battlestar Galactica ... I just discovered the *new* Battlestar Galactica, so my Starbuck's junkiness is complete!! Bwhaahahahahahaaaah!

Feel the power...
Wield the magic!...
Gaming at the speed of sound!
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I think I may have seen those before. I'm becoming a Starbucks junky through and through I think.
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Lol! Star bucks has these really cool thermoses that you can buy that
are stainless steel Kim and I use 'm all the time! And they keep stuff
very hot or cold for a long time! I know I have put coffee in them at
5:30 in the morning and at 4:00 pm it was still hot. Not hot enough to
burn my mouth, but still very good. Mmm !

Darren Duff.

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The easy solution to the hot drink carry is the travel mug with a tight fitting lid. There are some very nice ones of stainless steel that will

keep coffee or tea hot for quite a long time at sweetmarias.com

No Maria, it isn't your site, though you are sweet.  The guy who owns
site's wife is named Maria.


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