[bct] Re: Can it really be heard?

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Slithy, on TV, there was a program on bats a few years ago.  One of the
things they discovered is that if you put a bat into a room with a
window, it will hear all the walls and the window with its radar.  So
far, so good.  It won't fly into any of the walls.  But, when it
approaches the window, even though its radar says there is something
there, the bat sees through the window and at that point decides to
ignore its radar and crash into the window.  Go figure.
 P.S.  I finally had to add Slithy to my speller.  I got tired of it
wanting to substitute the word "Smithy."

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Intriguingly enough - there was a report on the news that songbirds were
being killed in droves after eating fermented berries and flying into
windows.  Autopsies were performed and the birds had liver damage like
that of alcoholics.  That means they eat a LOT of rotting and fermented
fruit.  One wonders about what ants would do with booze.  I don't know
if an ant has a liver.  

What a thought...


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