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Contact me off list if you have questions, I got the same phone. We can
even talk via phone if you like if you are in the us.


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I just got me a Nokia 6020 cell phone recently.  It has in it, a still 
image/video image camera.  I had a question, and don't worry, this is 
totally unrelated to opporation of the phone so if you're not familiar
this model phone, keep reading it's OK, this has nothing to do with the 
menus, etc.  I'm trying to figure out how to best hold the phone so that
would be lined up with the object Im trying to take.  Yeah, if it was a 
person, they could tell me, unless it was a child, or an infant that
yet talk.  LOL!  but if I'm trying to take a photo of something, say, my

cat, or such, then I obviously can't get verbal indication to line it
Now, this is what is really odd to me:  Why is it, that I have a radio
digital camera and with it, I can line it up with no help almost
on the first go, and might I add, the linds on the digital camera is
much about, if not smaller, the same size as the one on my phone.  I
that if I put my finger on the volume up key, on the left top side of
phone, nearest to the ear piece speaker, Then very slowly rotate my
around to the back of the phone, then assuming that the phone was with
key pad facing me, as I've been describing, my finger would adventurally

while rotating from that volume key to the back, bump the linds.  I
think my 
problem is for some reason, I tend to not hold the phone perfectly 
straight.Which a corse Doesn't help mat5ters.  Often I find people
turn to your left, or rock it up a bit.  Then I'd move my hand up, and
individual I'm shooting would say:  no no no no, I mean, move your wrist
the whole pyone.  Like, tilt the top of the phone more toward me, it's
angled perfectly virtically straight up and down.  thus I'm not going to
centered, or you may even chop off my head.  You can actually change the

mode from standard picture to portret picture.  I dono though if that
help.  That seems to make the picture width wize a lot more narrow, so I

don't have as much head room it doesn't look like.  The problem isn't 
opperating the camera and taking the picture, then going into the phone
e-mailing it.  That's a sinch, it's more just figuring out why I am
so many issues aiming.  Like I said, I adapted to aiming my digital
within about 3 minutes after getting it, if that.  So if that is the
then why is this so much harder.  I don't have enough sight to use the
finder.  Granted the view finder on the phone is excellent, I almost
have to 
nose it, to see it, which won't help.  I'd love though to figure out a
to know where the linds is in relation to my object, because the camra
on my 
phone blows my digital camera outta the water, according to what my dad
me.  He said that the quality is just amazing!  He took a picture of me
assisted teaching me how to e-mail it to myself.  Once on my computer, I

looked at it, and man!  Talk about good!  I may not have much vision,
but I 
did have enough to see this.  I agree.  The color aspect ratio is 100% 
better!  That is why I was hoping that someone had possibly a tip that
help me or may could explain to me, why this seems to be so difficult
for me 
compared to my digital.  Like I say, it's not an accessibility issue by
means.  It's more, just an aiming problem.

Anyway, thanks for your help.  BTW, if anyone owns this phone, again,
Nokia 6020 please contact me, as I do have a few more questions.



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