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Thanks for making up the list of CSUN podcasts.

I know also of two other podcasts that I have heard will most likely be
doing shows from CSUN.

These are:

Blind Access Journal:

The Desert Skys:

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You may already be aware of these CSUN Podcasts but I'll listthem 
just in case.


1. ACB Radio
Dave Williams wrote:

 >The ACB Radio blog will be available from the ACB Radio Home page
 >Watch this space.

The ACB Radio Blog is now listed in the Table of Contents on the ACB
Radio website.  It's located at:


The RSS feed for this blog is also listed among the other RSS feeds on
our main page.

Webmaster, ACB Radio

2. Main Menu tonight
Hello Everyone,

Coming up on Main Menu this week:

*  Do you want to track the happenings at the CSUN 2006 conference?  We
discuss the newly created ACB Radio Blog and tell you how you can contact us
while we are at CSUN.  The ACB Radio Blog is located at:


And its RSS feed is at:


You can email me at:


Or Marlaina at:


Keep these email addresses handy if you have any questions for us while we
are at CSUN 2006.

*  The ACB BITS Affiliate President Rob Hubbard past away on March 15 of
this year.  We do a tribute to him on Main Menu this week.

*  Google recently released the Google Desktop Search version 3.0.  What is
the Google Desktop Search?  We discuss its features, show you how to
configure it optimally for a screen reader and we walk you through some
basic Google Desktop searches.

That is all coming up on this weeks edition of ACB Radio's Main Menu.

3. Association of Blind Citizens (ABC) Presents CSUN Direct
Organization To Provide Live Audio Webcasts From Technology Conference
March 16 2006 -- Boston
The Association Of Blind Citizens is pleased to announce CSUN Direct, a
webcast where listeners can listen to live audio programming from the
CSUN Technology Conference in Los Angeles, California.
ABC will host three live webcasts from the conference.  The webcasts 
can be heard Wednesday March 22nd through Friday March 24th, beginning at
6:00 P.M. pacific time, or 9:00 P.M. eastern time.  Webcasts will be 
hosted by John Oliveira, President of ABC and by Mika Pyyhkala, Vice 
President of
ABC. The show will feature interviews with conference presenters, 
exhibiters and attendees. Shows will last approximately 1 hour.
To participate in the webcasts please visit:
Once on this web site, click the link to enter the live webcast 
conference room, enter your name, and press login.  If necessary, 
Windows will prompt you
to install the Talking Communities audio plug in.  The installation 
usually takes less than 1 minute over a high speed internet 
connection.  You can access
the above link at any time in advance to install the audio plug in so 
that your computer is ready to receive the live stream when each  show
CSUN is  one of the  largest conferences  in the world covering 
assistive technology
for people with disabilities.  The Association Of Blind Citizens, a 
Massachusetts non-profit organization, offers a number of innovative
for people who are blind throughout the country.  Some initiatives include
assistive technology grants, academic scholarships, efforts related 
to Braille literacy, and social and athletic opportunities.  You can 
access the ABC
web site at:
The webcasts will be streamed via technology from Talking Communities,
Inc., a leading provider of accessible interactive web conferencing
products. For more information visit
In addition, DC Night Out, a group personal reality blog and podcast, 
will provide additional less formal coverage of the conference and 
its formal and
informal activities.  The podcast strives to give the listener a 
sense of what it is like to be at the conference, etc.  You can paste 
the following RSS
feed address in to a podcatching application such as Juice, or access 
the link directly in your web browser:
Recordings of the CSUN Direct shows will also be made available 
through the DC Night Out RSS podcast feed.  If you do not yet have a 
podcatching application,
you may download the Juice podcast receiver at:
For your convenience, this version of Juice is pre-subscribed to 
DC  Night Out, but you may add and remove any podcast subscriptions 
as you wish in the
future.  You may also call the DC Night Out comment line with 
questions or comments at
(206) 202-1114
California based OcuSource.com, LLC is co-sponsor of CSUN Direct. 
OcuSource is the owner and operator of
an internet information resource dedicated to assisting the 
accessibility industry. OcuSource's mission is to enhance access to 
products, information,
and services to individuals with vision impairment, as well as the 
professionals who assist them, through a set of integrated web-based 
utilities. OcuSource
provides auctions of adaptive products and accessories, search tools 
to find local and national resources, including eye care 
professionals and advocacy
organizations, as well as other tools useful to eye care and 
rehabilitation professionals. The company is also a venture partner 
in a web-based tradeshow
OcuSource, founded in 2003, is privately held and is headquartered in 
Placentia, California.

         John Gassman
Recognition Of The Problem is 51% Of The Solution

         John Gassman
Recognition Of The Problem is 51% Of The Solution  

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