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You are nuts Larry, that is why we love you so much.  
I was out recording a huge thunderstorm here once and the one dog I had kept
standing inside the house and barking at me, and you need to know that in
the year we had her she barked only a few times and usually scared herself
when she did.  I guess she did not like it that we were on the back patio
recording the thunder.  

Rose Combs

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Did you record it?  Liz thought I was nuts, becaus I was outside at 3A:00 in
the lightning and wind recording what was left of that storm.

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The tornado struck about 3 miles from my home and about a mile from my
sisters home in Newburg.  


I was awake during the storm and could hear the roar of the tornado just on
the outer edges it was loud with brisk winds.  



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