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Hi Mary,
I love your podcasts as well.  I just got a chance to listen to the Nut Cracker 
one and I loved it.  I too, am a huge fan of C. S. Lewis, as well as a lot of 
fantasy/science fiction books.  The first book I read by C. S. Lewis was when I 
was ten years old, and the Cleveland Library for the Blind sent me, for some 
reason, "Till We Have Faces," and it was right after my grandmother died, and I 
was very close to her.  At the time, I didn't understand all of the 
undercurrents, but it was pretty interesting to send me a book of that 
magnitude, and bleakness when I was grieving so much.  After that one, the 
Narnia chronicles followed and the space trilogy, though I didn't get all the 
way through "That Hideous Strength," I had planned to and I ordered it, but I 
haven't received the book yet.  Do you know if it's on audio anywhere other 
than NLS?
Glad to hear your voice is back!  Sleeping helps also, <grin>  I should take my 
own advice, I suppose, but I have very noisy neighbors who don't let that 
happen very much.
As for my energy, I don't know if it's the tea or what, but I'm glad you all 
liked the podcast so far.  I actually wanted to change a few of the files 
because I thought they were just not at all what I should be submitting, after 
I had already uploaded them, but, I didn't.  Thanks again, and hopefully your 
recovery continues and you don't have to deal with having no voice again for a 
while, hopefully for at least the rest of this lovely winter.

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  Hope, those are really cute podcasts. I haven't updated my blog site and I 
guess I should; the podcasts are there but I just never got around to updating 
the site, so you are way ahead of me. I enjoyed your podcasts; they are really 
cute and you have a lot of energy! Maybe it's all that herbal tea you've been 

  My voice came back after I took some Chinese herbs and slept for a few hours. 
It is amazing how fast they work! Now I have a voice again. What a relief!

  Definitely a subscriber to your podcast and looking forward to more!

  from Mary


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