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MessageNeal, lol!

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  Dana, I have used them and I don't find that they block enough sound to give 
me a problem.  However, I guess people wear them in different ways.  I do find 
that if you use the wind screens that come with them, they do block a little 
bit more of the incoming sound, but not enough to make it a problem.  I was 
walking down the street with them the other day when a little girl with her 
mother said, "Mommy, why does that man have cotton balls in his ears?"  Good 
question, but very bad answer.  You're not going to believe this.  Her mother 
actually said, "Honey, it's because he is blind and uses a cane."  yes folks, 
you heard it here.


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    Hi Friends:
    First, I must apologize for not spelling the name of those microphones 
correctly that Larry uses on his walks to and from work.  Does anyone else have 
them?  Do they take away your frontal hearing?  Can you navigate successfully 
using the stereo audio mirror effect in your ears?

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