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Larry, I think I have the same binaural microphones you do.  They have
the little curved piece that fits in the upper part of the ear.  How do
you wear them like glasses?  There is a set of Audio Technica Mikes from
Sound Specialists that are actually able to be fitted into croakies.
Actually, I suspect many of there mikes can be fitted that way.
However, the Audio Technics are omni directional and even mounted in the
croakies in front of the ears, they do a very nice job at producing a
very nice stereo image.  Those are what I was wearing when I did my
podcast that included the model train sounds.


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You can navigate with them, but they are a lot easier to use when you
wear them incorrectly (that is like glasses).  If you're going sighted
guide, they would probably not be too bad, but they definatly effect
what you hear.

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Hi Friends:
First, I must apologize for not spelling the name of those microphones
correctly that Larry uses on his walks to and from work.  Does anyone
else have them?  Do they take away your frontal hearing?  Can you
navigate successfully using the stereo audio mirror effect in your ears?

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